Through our financial technology, we give our participants the possibility to raise up to 1 million USD in investments to assist them kick-off or grow their business ventures. Accounts will be opened for all successful participants who will have to produce a 1 minute video pitch of their business ventures and a business plan / deck. These will both be uploaded to our investment platform with over 1 million+ investors searching for investment opportunities in Africa.

How It Works



About 50% of Africans living in the diaspora want to invest back in their home countries but are unable due to lack of credible information on investment opportunities, risk of business failure and over bureaucracy. We therefore bring you a fast, efficient, reliable, secure, easy to use and an African adapted solution to the investment challenges you face through our financial technology, presenting you with a portfolio of business ventures in your home countries with low risks of business failure and high returns on investments.




One of the greatest challenges faced by African startups and entrepreneurs in general is access to investments / finance to enable them either kickstart or grow their business ventures.
RemitSpec gives you the opportunity to pitch your business ventures to a community of investors from the diaspora and raise capital for the growth and development of your business ventures.

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